Asymmetrical Recycling
Dual Function (On/Off or Off/On)
Multi-voltage (12 – 230VAC/DC)
Multi-time range (0.1s – 100h)
DPDT Relay output
17.5mm wide, DIN Rail mount
The timer is offered with two operating modes:

On/Off Recycling

When power is applied, the output relay energises for the set “on” time delay period. After this delay has elapsed, the relay de-energises and remains in this state for the set “off” time delay period. After this period has elapsed, the relay re-energises and the sequence starts over again and continues to operate like this for as long as the power is applied.

Off/On Recycling

Is the reverse of the above whereby the relay remains de-energised for the set “off” time delay period as soon as power is applied.