Overcurrent detection (Normal Inverse 3/10)
Adjustable Low-set and High-set tripping thresholds
Adjustable Time multiplier setting (Low-set only)
Instantaneous tripping on High-set
LED indication shows when tripped
Test and Reset buttons
96 x 96mm, Panel Mount
An Overcurrent relay that will monitor and detect when the measured current on any phase exceeds the set trip threshold and de-energise the output relay after a pre-determined delay based the level of current measured and Time multiplier setting. Two levels of tripping thresholds are provided (both adjustable) allowing the user to set a “Low-set” and “High-set” trip point. The operation of the tripping curve is only applicable when the Low-set trip point is exceeded. If the measured current exceeds the High-set trip point, the relay de-energises straight away.

An auxiliary supply (required to power the unit) must be present for the product to function.