ELRM44V-30/2 (0.5s)


  • Type A – Earth Leakage Relay
  • Both internal relays configured toenergise on trip
  • Selectable Trip level (0.03 – 30A) and Time delay (0 – 0.5s)
  • Local (and optional remote) Test/Reset buttons
  • Isolated Auxiliary supply
  • 1 x SPDT/1 x SPNO Relay outputs
  • 44mm wide, DIN Rail mount

This product is used in conjunction with an external Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT) and will detect residual sinusoidal alternating and pulsating direct currents. Both internal relays are configured to energise on trip on this particular product.

An adjustable trip level and time delay allows the product to be set according to the type of installation to be protected. When the level of leakage current being monitored exceeds the set trip level, the unit will trip. Typically, the product is used in conjunction with an external switching device (i.e. shunt trip) and is typically controlled by the main relay output (RLY1). There is the option to utilise the second relay output (RLY2) which can be used to operate a panel lamp for example for visual indication purposes. An auxiliary supply is required to power this product.