Earth Fault detection (IDMT)
6 Selectable IDMT curves
Programmable Low-set and High-set tripping thresholds
LCD with live display of earth fault current
Last trip memory and history recall
Pre-defined selectable CT ratio’s
Test and Reset buttons
96 x 96mm, Panel Mount
Fully programmable and easy to set-up digital relay that offers the user the ability to monitor and detect Earth Fault conditions. The user is able to choose from 6 tripping characteristics curves or alternatively assign a Definite Time. Two separate relay outputs are provided and can be configured to either operate at the beginning or end of a time out period and additionally, set for Manual or Auto-resetting.

A clear, backlit LCD provides all key information the user requires for both operation and setting up.

An auxiliary supply (required to power the unit) must be present for the product to function.